A Quick Minute With #CalendarGirl Amy Schmittauer

Name:   Amy M. Schmittauer
Calendar Month: July
Twitter handle: @Schmittastic
Typical Tweet: Watch my videos. They’re ridic.
Hey, pretty lady, what’s your sign? Gemini
You can find me elsewhere on the Web at: wakingupamy.com
Favorite food/restaurant: Definitely have to say Elevator Bar because it is such a great part of Downtown. They even brew their own beer here in the ‘Bus. Great for a business lunch or just a casual night out. Their pickles are the bomb.  If you like things that taste like they’re on fire, you should get them.

When I’m not working, I’m: writing, reading, traveling, networking, yoga-ing, or cuddling my beagle.
I can’t get enough: Sleep. I don’t know what it is about me, but I can just sleep forever. I really hate it when I hear “You can sleep when you’re dead.” To that I say “I won’t be sleeping. I’ll BE DEAD!”
My dirty little secret is: I’m not social. Or at least I don’t think I am. Showing up and being me without the comfort of a computer screen has the complete opposite effect of making me feel fairly bashful and I think there are a lot of people out there that feel the same. Maybe? Please??
My favorite part about social media is: Oh I’m sure we girls all have the same answer for this question, but I love the ability to express my individuality. It’s like we have finally been given permission to completely be ourselves (nerds), because that is precisely what social media is meant to emphasize – authenticity. In turn, I develop relationships with amazing and fascinating people and then meet them in person bringing that connection full circle. Tell me that’s not something special!
Epilepsy fact: Absolutely ANYTHING that we can do for the Epilepsy Foundation is really important because the research for this disorder has always been significantly underfunded. We send federal dollars to research so many other things that don’t affect near the percentage of Americans who suffer from epilepsy. How can we not help?!
One thing you MUST know about me before you purchase a kick-ass calendar to benefit epilepsy research and education (because you ARE buying one, right? :)): The beagle in my [calendar] picture is not a stand in. She is the real deal. Lucy is the light of my life and has from her own form of epilepsy. Although your money can’t help her, I hope she will motivate you to help her human friends that NEED a cure for this disorder. You can, however, donate doggie treats. I will be sure to get them to her. :)

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