#CalendarGirl Sponsor Love: Paper and Printing

One of the reasons we have LOVED putting this calendar together is because of our kick-ass vendors, sponsors, and supporters. Columbus is a city that cares…we have been floored by the generous spirit of this city’s people, and to that end, must shine a light on the people who have given their time, talent and resources to our cause. Please read, click the links, and visit and support these Central Ohio businesses.

Up today? Our amazing, giving, and wonderfully top-notch Paper and Printing team!


Arvey is a one stop store for brand name papers, card stock, envelopes, graphic arts, facility, packaging and office products. But the thing about Arvey that’s great is not its paper (though that’s really, really great), it’s the woman behind Arvey Columbus, Cheri Allbritton. Cheri has been an amazing supporter of #CalendarGirls, and has used her Social Media prowess, experience in the biz, and vast knowledge of paper, printing and marketing to truly make our Calendar special. Each time we hear from Cheri, we know she’s going to suggest something awesome, whether it’s adding a tagline, using a different sales strategy, or even just re-wording a Tweet for maximum impact.

We could go on, but at this point, Cheri has probably bested us by about 5 Tweets and Facebook shoutouts, so we gotta catch up.


Tim Ryan of Ryan Printing does exceptional work. When creating our first calendar, we didn’t know that adding some elements (e.g. a mostly black cover, but hush-hush on that) can typically be a daunting task for a less experienced printer. But when we saw the proof of our completed calendar, we were in awe of the quality and care Ryan Printing put in to our product. Tim was also very knowledgeable about costs, and helped us work out the best way for us to get a great product while still donating as much as possible to epilepsy awareness and education.  An all around exceptional guy and company!


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